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George Spanos


My name is George Spanos and I'm Software Engineer with some 8 years of experience who recently started his own venture.

I usually tend to speak a lot, especially when I talk about things I'm excited about. Nevertheless, when writing, I try to be as concise as possible. Growing up, I've found myself appreciating more and more when text tries to nudge me to think rather than screaming about it. This page, hopefully, has the most words in this blog.

I was typically one of the "math kids" in any class growing up. I remember joking with my mom about taking a break when studying for school; I was saying:

- "I'm going to take a break and do some math, if that's ok."
- "No problem!", she was happily saying, of course!

Having solid foundations, High school was a nice experience, and I managed to score quite well in the exams. In 2011, I started studying Applied Mathematics and Physics at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). I really wanted to study at NTUA. As a math kid, I felt that was the place, and engineering was something that grew in the family.

It was tough keeping up with NTUA. NTUA is usually more than a full-time job if you want to finish your studies within 6 years, and I did not have the luxury of not having a job while growing up. My primary side income was teaching. I've been teaching math and physics to high school kids for about 8 years. It was always a delightful experience, and I think I was pretty good at it. To this day I still think that teaching shaped the way that my mind works.

But teaching was not enough of an income, and I could not stand working at another café. Then a friend of mine told me, "Hey, this WordPress thing sounds useful, and I think you'd like it.". The next thing I knew, I started creating ugly websites and making some side income. But it was not enough for me. When I wrote my first lines of code, I just wanted more. And above all, I wanted to deeply understand what I was doing.

After that point, it was clear to me that programming was my dream-job. For the first 2 years of In my career, I'm starting with Front End Development and Angular. Specifically, I was creating websites for US start-ups until I finally decided that I wanted to work for a Software Company, just for the sake of learning more.

Fast-forward 7 years, and I'm more in love with software than ever. I barely consider it a job sometimes. For us programmers I resonate with the phrase that goes something like this: "We are hobbyists that happened to work". I love the creativity of programming and engineering, and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to create things that are useful and that anyone can experience digitally.

While I've worked primarily on the Front End, I consider myself a Web Programmer. I have a deep affinity for the web as a platform, trying to learn all its neat features and always staying up-to-date. I also consider myself more of a generalist; I always enjoy learning horizontally rather than than vertically, and this has given me the ability to understand a plethora of software domains.

Nowdays I try to bootstrap my own Software Company, Moby IT. While I still conisder myself more of a Software Engineer rather than an Entreprenuer, I want to push the boundaries of what I can provide. Therefore, Moby is the result of my trying to break free of the boundaries that older company structures bring to software, trying to deliver what I call meaningful and concise software. I really like the word concise. We live in a world where much of the software is bloated, and people try to generalize and centralize everything. I believe that personalized solutions are cheaper and more effective than generalized ones, and this is true more often than people think.

Thank you for reading this through. I hope we connect in some way.

George Spanos - Moby IT